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    One-stop shopping
    Product center,Central fresh air systems,Whole house heating systems,Central hot water system,Central air conditioning systems,Smart home systems,Intelligent kitchen management system. Provide smart, smart and comfortable smart home full house solution A one-time solution to the problem of consumers' home life.
    Service philosophy
    • Honesty

      Say words and deeds, say it

    • Customer first

      Focus on the customer, understand and pay attention to customer needs, respond quickly and solve customer demands in a timely manner

    • Smart boutique

      Pursuing a fine culture and providing excellent products and services to customers in the spirit of craftsmanship

    Service advantage
    CLBST The remote service center system consists of multiple data centers and remote data collection points throughout the country. The equipment communicates with the monitoring center host through CDMA/GPRS/EDGE/4G/ADSLD networks, and collects equipment operating parameters and status in real time to provide customers with Achieve solutions for rapid diagnosis of faults and common faults, allowing customers to maximize benefits during equipment use
    • Professional installation team

      Professional installation team

    • Intelligent service system

      Intelligent service system

    • 7×24H Service channel

      7×24H Service channel

    Business Scope
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